Crazy Kitty: 10 photos of Kitten’s set at Union Hall

Kitten opened for the Neighbourhood at Union Hall in Edmonton on Saturday night.  Standing in line, a guy in front of me asked if we knew who the opening act was and I replied, “some guy I don’t know and the band Kitten.”  The guy questioned incredulously, “Kitten???”  I assured him the band is fronted by a gnarly lead singer and they are on the harder rock spectrum compared to the Neighbourhood.

Knowing a little about the band, and lead singer Chloe Chaidez’s punk-rock parentage, I assumed the name would be somehow ironic.  But after watching Kitten live, I totally get the moniker.  Their set is a little like watching your cat get hopped up on catnip, randomly attacking other pets whilst climbing the furniture.  And just like you would film your insane cat and post the pictures on reddit or imgur, one has an overwhelming need to capture Chloe’s antics for future amusement.  And I mean that in the best way possible.

So let’s look at 10 photos of this crazy feline.

1. At first she is somewhat angelic and serene, like a cat coming out of its nap.

Kitten 1

2. She stretches and poses.

Kitten 2

 3. She decides she wants some affection.

Kitten 3

 4. The catnip kicks in.

Kitten 5

 5. She climbs the furniture.


 6. She starts clawing her keepers.


 7. She starts climbing the guests.


 8. She howls like a banshee.


9. She becomes obsessed with her crotch.


10. And once the show is over, she flounces out of the room, and off to the next adventure.


And I’m so glad I got to see this crazy kitty’s show.