LaQuinta ups the points addiction ante

As if collecting airline and hotel points wasn’t already addictive enough, La Quinta has added a slot machine game that just kicks the addiction up a notch.  Someone at La Quinta is a smart cookie, because the Stay and Play game has become thoroughly engrossing.  I mean, I’m a fan of just about any way to get free points.  But by faux-gambling?  Someone at La Quinta knows me too well.

You need to sign up with your Facebook account, and you get bonuses for sharing your winnings on your Facebook page or Twitter account.  There is a work around if you don’t want to clog up your timeline though: when you go to share your winnings choose ‘Only Me’ in the visibility drop down.  Voila!

The game goes until the end of January, and you can rack up quite a few points.  If you aren’t a La Quinta fan, you can also exchange La Quinta Returns points into airlines miles with a few partners, at a ratio of 6,000 Returns points to 1,000 miles.  6,000 points also happens to be the minimum number of points for a free stay.   While it seems like a lot of time spent for the payoff, the game is so freakin’ fun that you won’t mind.  It’s a hell of a lot better than surveys, and for more points.

Note: I do not get any kick back from the link above.  I’m just spreading the fun.


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